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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Biggest Garden park in the world and Penguin walk.

So yesterday we decided to go on a adventure to the worlds biggest garden park it was a long 4 hour drives but worth it very much .When we arrived it looked so small outside i thought to myself how can this be the biggest flower place if it so small then i walked in. I saw owls such cute, adorable ones i wish i could take them home with me all  of them haha. Then we walked in automatic doors and there i saw it was huge there was floawers every where hanging from ceiling oh it was a complete shocker to see and so pretty. The further we walked the more flowers we saw they was just millions of them all different colours and kinds. After the shocking entrance we had to go up this electric belt it was long it took for ever to get to the top. Walked through another set of doors to see more flowers and threes and there was all breeds of birds flying every where some landed on our arms and we could feed them to which was so fun.There was just so much there i will add the pics and a warning theres will be alot of pics i wish i could add them all but the blog would be very extremely long lol.

 This snowy owl so pretty i wanted to take it home so badly look how

Keisuke, and Kenji enjoying the Penguin walk.
The Penguin walk they had little backpakcs on reminded me of Pwoer Rangers.
This little one never left me i think she liked me hehe

As you can see it was the biggest flower place ever and so much there its amazing ill keep going there as much as possible i thought it be a great place for lolita meet up also lol.

Well bye bye for now.

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