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Thursday, 14 March 2013

UK Mothers days and White day

So Mothers day is now over with as you might not now is Mothers Days in Japan not untill May but since im British we decided to celebrate both Mothers Day . I had such a great day i went to AXES FEMME another fav shop i love to go to.I also got a gift from Keisuke and Kenji which was very wonderful i was so happy i gave Kenji a big hug and a kiss. What i got was a green top and a purple clubs necklaces with a teapot and cup inside it i love them so much so cute.

 This is the top from AXES FEMME  Kenji and Keisuke got me isnt it so pretty sorry for bad picture it a very small mirror.
 Necklace with a little sweet charm on to this is very cute also from AXES FEMME i love it.
Kenji and me on Mothers Day he is so amazing i couldnt live without him ever and he has such the most greatest smile iv ever seen.

White day today  hehe Keisuke also got me  gifts which i was suprised at once again for i never ask for any thing but a happy white day hug. I got Hello Kitty chocolates, 2 hair bobbles, and ew earphones for i needed them there prange and so cute and the chocolates OMG so yummy and WOW amazing.

 Here is the chocolate tin oh Hello Kitty how cute is that i love it.
 What the chocolates looks like there so cute i only eaten 1 so far so yes i was so scared to eat them the best chocolate iv seen.Also the tin when i finihed with it im sure i can reuse for earrings and little nik naks.
 My bobbles he got brown says look better in my brown hair i cant wait to wear them in my hair.
Earphones there so pretty with flowers and stones inside each one they didnt have yellow so he got orange which is nice to.

A random pic of me very recent one haha.

Well bye bye for now and HAPPY WHITE DAY. 

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