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Saturday, 16 March 2013

So fast

Im so proud of myself for after 3 weeks iv lost almost 6 kg WOW iv eaten no chocolates of fuzzy pop only salads and water and alot of hard work excercise im trying to reach my gol of 60 kg i still got a little more to go so yes but i think i done very well for 3 weeks.Keisuke said it takes women months to lose two kg but me almost 6 its like diam im very happy so much and pround of myself.I take my mind of food by reading or dancing plus singing lol and it does work.Not much of a fantastic blog but some thing ihad to write i will have to work extra hard to lose more weight wish me luck.

P.S i thinking of doing a give away still in the making of course but if you do plan to get a change to win then do the rules.

Follow my blog and comment tht you will join thats simple. So when every thing is ready ill let you all know.

I know i already added this photo but i couldnt get enough of it so i thought i share again my Gackt birthday cake it was so yummy i loved it and plus the only chance to kiss him LOL.

Well bye bye for now.

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