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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Coink! it LOL

So out shopping i went to a place called the LOFT in the SOGO place i go there all the time so  looking around i saw the Coink piggies i seen beore i thought stuff it there to cute i bought one. Well i shown my sister now she wants a red one so i guess i have to go back to get her one. They hold pennies inside or little notes folded of course there many colours to choose from but yellow is my fav colour so yes i got the yellow one hehe. Also a place called MARINA i got some amzing looking cutters you can use for biscuits or ham haha i saw and though WOW i have to get them so i did not used yet but i will soon. Very soon will be White Day a day men give chocolates to the girls so i cant wait to see what Keisuke has planned lol.

 My Coink! int it so cute no wonder i had to buy it i will go around doing an oink noise to every one now lol.
 Holding my little Coink! keyring my hand there so small. on the back of them ha a curled tale.
 The cutters they look confusing at first but looking and reading instructions was simple there so AMAZING i cant wait to use them so badly just having the time.
What the cutters look like wen used and how to use them so simple and creative WOW so any ways to use for food like art.I think people would be scared to eat some thing so pretty like this haha.

Well bye bye for now

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