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Friday, 2 December 2011

another random post

Just another post for today of fun things and things that i cant wait for so last weekend Kenji my son met GLOOMY BEAR he loved him very much and never left his side and giggled alot to of seen Gloomy Bear.Kenji ran around him and cuddled him alot it was so funny with Gloomy Bear chase after Kenji.
Few days ago i got in the car and Keisuke was driving and we came across this pretty Christmas lights and then i remember that the Christmas lights will be coming up in Hiroshima soon and i cant wait to go and see these amazing lights when there up.
I cant wait for Christmas I'm so excited so very much i know one thing i am getting for Christmas and that is my husband is donating ¥1000 to Cancer for me.I told him he has to do it for you see my aunt has cancer and she might not be here for Christmas that's how bad it is.I love her so much that i think this donation will help others with cancer also.So yeah that's the most thoughtful gift of all for me no other gift will matter even past Christmas gift is no way near great as this one I'm very happy but sad to.
Well bye bye for now.
My aunt,me,mum,and twin sister Jozi.

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