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Monday, 12 December 2011

My Christmas gift arrived

Few days ago my twin sister Jozi got me my first ever pair on contacts for my Christmas present for i have never ever had them before and plus I'm scared of any thing that goes towards my eyes so she thought it be good to learn how to deal with things like that by getting me them.Plus i always wonder what be like if i had them so on Sunday it took me 30 mins to calm down and finally get one in and more time to get it out.So all together took me 1 hour and 12 mins to get it in then out that's how scared i was.I screamed to let my husband help get it out for he wore contacts before so when he came to help i kick my legs my heart was beating so fast when his finger came close to my eyes i closed them but i manage to get it out myself lol.So today i tried and put both in and i did it very fast i was shocked very much even put on make up to see how it will look my husband came home from work he say i look so pretty that made me very happy after i finish with them i took them out very fast to which again was shocking lol.So any ways ill post some pictures to show what they look like.
As you can see there a very wonderful colour purple and i loved them so much i will wear them alot from now on :D.

Close up my face not good but my eyes are FAB.

Bye bye for now.

1 comment:

jozi said...

Tehe dam right you wear them Jodie :D