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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Magazine make-up recreation and rest of the night

OK so yesterday i came up with a great idea like a little contest i called "magazine make-up recreation" and what it was about is that me and my husband got two magazine one was KERA the other GOTHIC LOLITA BIBLE and look at the make-up tutorials and recreate that look its was alot of fun and my husband was so funny trying to figure out how to use the make up hehe.Here are some pics from that's game it was so much fun i will do it again.
This is the look i picked for my husband to do.
Here is his final look let me tell you i think he wins hands down lol.
Now to show you what he picked for me and what i looked like i look horrible.

Here i am with my horrible face lol.
Both together with our make-up on it was fun every one should try it.
Anyways this picture below is my twin sister Jozi fav sweets from Japan she loves them so much every time she come to Japan she eats alot of them so i got her a sweets jar and filled it up with her fav sweets its took alot of packets to get it filled more then in the picture she addicted to them like mad so this is a gift for her.
Well bye bye.

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jozi said...

MMMM I cant wait to get my hands on that jar !! tehe