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Monday, 5 December 2011

Locked out

This is a funny story it happened last night we all went out to corner shop to get some juice and other things that we needed its only about 5 mins all together there and back Kenji got some sweets and juice and i got some salad and what not. So as we got home we took shopping inside and took Kenji out of the car and took him inside to as some people may know in Japan we have two locks on our door at the top and bottom but our bottom one you can take the lock out from the inside.So i finish put shopping away and Kenji was playing my husband took along time to get out of the car so i though i go see if he needs help or if he OK Kenji is safe he playing so he be OK so i went outside Keisuke was fine he was coming then we heard a noise only to find out Kenji had locked me and Keisuke outside in the dark.It was so funny knowing that our 2 year old son who doesn't understand most thing yet had locked the door we was both outside knocking the door and telling him to unlock it but no he was crying and playing with his toy ball.I told Keisuke to call ALSOK to come and open the door after about 10mins Kenji unlocked the door and i ran in and held him told him not to cry for its OK now lucky my husband called ALSOK to cancel.

Here he is the monster who locked the door isn't he so pretty i love him so much about 5 mins after we got in i called my family and told them what had happened they all laughed very much saying he was funny i had to agree.

Well bye bye for now.

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jozi said...

What a funny story :D made me laugh.

I havent got anything for matt yet I got kiki something the other day and the sisters I hope they will like them.