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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Hiroshima Christmas lights

I finally saw the Christmas lights this year all of them last time to cold to see them all but this time a little cold so yeah me and my husband and son all went to see them Kenji my son had a good time he smile alot.There was some new lights not seen before and old ones but i really enjoyed it very much after the lights we went for a meal where my son took my meal i had to eat his child's dinner very small but oh well lol.
 A Merry-Go-Round horse Kenji didn't want to come off it but after a while he came off to look at the rest of the lights.
 This was a pretty display when you walk inside there was 2 Christmas trees and a big blue bell made with lights so pretty and very big.
Now my husband and Kenji loved this one all i heard from them both was toot toot acting like trains and they go on and thought they were the driver lol.
There were so many lights it was hard to pick one as my fav so i  pick them all i go and see them every year reminds me of home back in England with my family i miss them so much.

This one reminds me of Peter Pan i like that film so wonderful ever and it was a very big ship to.

This one the colour is like fire so amazing i love this one to.
Well bye bye for now

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